The Studio


We take what inspires us and turn it into our art. 

The beauty of life lies in nature. Both the environmental kind and the human kind. May we always see it with open eyes, know its worth, appreciate it, protect what deserves protecting, be connected to it and each other, and, most of all, give it love. The three of us are multi-disciplinary artists (who all happen to be from the same family!). We share values and influence each other in the real world and in our creativity.  This collaboration came about quite organically as we wanted a space to be able to showcase together our shared love for art, story telling, conceptual design and photography.


Sue Carragher


I once spent three months in Europe tracing the footsteps of all the great artists of the world before me. Although travelling is a major part of my art nothing compares to home and our local sea-scapes, and the joy plen-air painting brings me. For me, there is nothing more exhilarating. The excitement of grabbing my easel, oil paints and brushes with a cuppa in hand and braving the elements that life has to offer like the wind, rain, heat, the insects and just painting everything I see. 
Every painting has a different story to tell.  

I recently adapted my skills to scientific illustration and drawing. And I'm currently designing a home-wares collection whilst writing and illustrating a book in collaboration with my grand-daughter. 
I am forever learning.


Kate Carragher

I wear many hats. By day, I work as a Features Writer and Communications Consultant. Nights, weekends and on a five month sabbatical every year or two, I explore all things wild and creative as an artist and adventurer. 
When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a traveller and an adventurer. I loved atlases, I poured over maps and my favourite magazines were the Geographics. I was fascinated by other cultures and all things wild. In my heart, I wanted to be an adventurer and an explorer, with my camera, paintbrushes and pen as my tools to capture the world as I saw it and to hear what it was trying to say to us. 
Chase the Wild Life. 
I’m currently getting ready to run photographic adventure tours with Chris Bray Photography.


Abbie Carragher

In the process of developing my own style and skills, I've recently completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle. At the same time as launching my career as a professional practising artist.  My diverse styles compliment each other in expressing the family values that respect natural conditions and how we interact with that. I express these ideas through a range of mediums and explorations that include painting, illustration, photography and mixed media arts. I begun a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design in 2017.
I’m currently the Director of Studio Carragher.